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Union Freekicks: Youth, Youth, More Youth And Other News

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Head coach Peter Nowak went over the injuries for this week. Th only truly injured player is still rookie midfielder Krystian Witkowski, who has a concussion. Otherwise, Carlos Valdes is fine and Freddy Adu should be good to go for Columbus on April 14.

CSN Philly: Nowak will continue to shuffle young Union
Ryan Bright discusses Nowak's statements at yesterday's press conference about shuffling youth in-and-out of the starting lineup. If they take their opportunities well, they'll play is the basic synopsis of Nowak's strategy about in-game development of youth.

Union's Nowak: Give youth a chance
No ring around the rosie in Nowak's starting lineup choices, the coach says. There are going to be starting opportunities for the fringe core players, considering the team has a solid eight or nine players, at least according to Nowak.

The Philly Soccer Page " Philadelphia player of the week: Danny Califf
Philly Soccer Page names Danny Califf the player of the week for all Philadelphia soccer persons. This feature will begin to appear weekly now that the crew at PSP realized that they have the award after two years and four weeks of it not being posted (their words, not mine).

The Union Dues: Vancouver Whitecaps 0-0 Union- Match Review
A late, stat intensive review of the game by the Union Dues. Small amount of words, but it lays out the game simply enough. Criticism of the referee highlights the "Game Review" section of the article.