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Union Head Coach Quits Twitter During Time Of Increasing Fan Criticism

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(Photo by Scott Kessler)
(Photo by Scott Kessler)

Peter Nowak joined Twitter to much acclaim last August, with fans and writers seeing the move as a positive one for team and supporter interaction. Eight months later, Nowak left the social networking site at a time of increasing fan criticism.

Nowak had appeared to embrace Twitter prior to the start of the season, tweeting regularly from his iPad.

The turning point for his time on the social networking service was when the 47-year-old requested that fans stop sending curses and other obscene tweets to his account.

"I do ask that you please stop sending curses to my Twitter account . My daughters and family read them and it is crossing a line. Thank you"

After not tweeting for over a month, Nowak deleted his account yesterday amidst a bevy of tweets speaking negatively of his coaching during the 2012 MLS season.

Below the break is a Storify list of fan tweets to the manager that were less than friendly toward the two-time MLS Cup winner: