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Union Freekicks: Shoot The Ball, Photos, Loss, Califf On Gaddis

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"I think Ray does a great job, but he's still a kid and he's still got a lot of inexperience and he shows flashes of being a brilliant player, but he needs more games," Danny Califf said. "When we lose Sheanon on the right and an attacking guy on the left, it hamstrings us when we're trying to play out of the back."

The Philly Soccer Page " Photo essay: Union 1-2 Earthquakes

PSP's home game recap through pictures. Some really interesting looks at moments in the game that were otherwise unsensational when viewing them live. Always a fun look at what happened throughout the game.

Earthquakes top Union, 2-1, at PPL Park

"He’s just a beast in the air," said Union assistant John Hackworth, who filled in for Nowak. "He’s got great height, his timing is good, and these are balls he sees every day in training and unfortunately we were on the end of two of them tonight."

Philadelphia Union midfielder Freddy Adu resolves to shoot more

"We have to shoot. If you don't shoot, you don't score. Today, I was like - especially in the second half - "You know what, we're not getting a lot of shots on goal today. We've got to test the goalkeeper." And I just let it ride."