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Sources: Union Internally Discussing Loaning Zach Pfeffer To Hoffenheim

Bongarts/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Union brought Hoffenheim striker Kai Herdling in on loan on April 16, signaling the start of a partnership with the top league German club.

Sources with knowledge of the situation informed the Brotherly Game that the Union have had internal discussions about sending Zach Pfeffer on loan to Hoffenheim. The sources did not know when the loan would occur if it was agreed upon by both clubs.

The temporary transfer would be a part of the Union's growing partnership with Hoffenheim, who recently loaned reserve team captain Kai Herdling to Philadelphia.

The relationship between Hoffenheim and the Union began with Pfeffer going to the suburb of Sinsheim, Baden-Württemberg to train with the Bundesliga club in 2010. His two-week long stint as a 15-year-old impressed Hoffenheim enough that rumors came out about the German side looking into bringing the American youth international overseas to their academy system.

Pfeffer signed with the Union, as the team's first ever Home Grown Player, the next month, ending the speculation at the time. The 16-year-old returned to Hoffenheim during the 2011 Major League Soccer offseason to train once again.

Hoffenheim followed up by sending coaching representatives to the Union affiliated Youth Sports Complex in Wayne, PA during the 2012 MLS preseason. The Union's youth coaches and the Hoffenheim visitors exchanged information and ideas on coaching, youth development and training.