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HIGHLIGHTS: Philadelphia Union 0 - 0 Vancouver Whitecaps

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Key moments in the highlight video:

  • Kickoff is at 37 seconds.
  • Zac MacMath's excellent one-on-one save against former Philadelphia Union striker Sebastien Le Toux occurs at 52 seconds.
  • At 1:41 Lionard Pajoy drags his shot just wide of the post, beating Vancouver Whitecaps goalkeeper Joe Cannon, but also beating the left post at the same time.
  • Halftime is at 2:20. The fourth official did not add any stoppage time before the end of the half. The game restarts in the second half at 2:30.
  • Keon Daniel, at 2:42, delivers a corner kick to the far side of the goal that is met by the foot of central defender Carlos Valdes. The shot goes across the goal mouth and is either saved by Cannon or headed out by one of the defenders on the goal line.
  • Defensive midfield Brian Carroll weakly puts a beautiful Gabriel Gomez cross on target at 3:53.
  • Le Toux botches some sort of lob attempt over MacMath at 5:44. The French striker was the most dangerous player on the field during Saturday's game, but couldn't find a way to score despite his chances.
  • Long Tan shots wide right of MacMath and the Union goal at 6:17.
  • The referee calls the game as a scoreless draw at 6:42.