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More Details, Accusations Emerge From The Philadelphia Union - Belen Friendly

Mike DiNovo-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Costa Rican news outlet Diario Extra has brought new details to light from the scuffle between the Philadelphia Union and Asociación Deportiva Belén.

Belen apparently started a large amount of bench and reserve players in the friendly. Diario Extra noted that Costa Rican international striker Josue Martinez did not start for the Union in the game.

Diario Extra reports that the Union became agitated after referee Robert Soto awarded Belen a penalty. The team's protests and "demands" became even greater after Rodolfo Arnaez converted the penalty.

"After the penalty they began to complain to the referee arrogantly, confused things...," said Vinicio Alvarado, coach of Belen. "There was a time when they went to Bryan Vega strong and broke everything, then decided not to play more."

The game continued on with a lot of rough play, including pushing and shoving throughout the first half. Belen scored their second goal off of a header 30 minutes into the game. The Union are reported to have begun to insult the referees in English at this point in the game.

Michael Farfan would tackle Bryan Vega poorly five minutes later, which "broke the case." A scuffle began, with kicks and slaps flying from both sides.

Officials at the game conferred with members of the Belen coaching staff and decided to end the game early. Alvarado felt that the Union's technical staff had not only failed to control their players, but had also contributed to the situation that led to the fighting.

"Not if it's a different culture but the team is a reflection of what the technical and acting arrogant, vulgar, saying things to the referees, protesting," said Alvarado.

The Union have declined to comment on the incident.