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New Parking Lot May Have Spurred Season Parking Pass Only Lot A And B Move

A recent push push by the Philadelphia Union to sell out Lots A and B may be linked to a new parking lot, owned and operated by a private company, opening up this season, a source with knowledge of the situation told the Brotherly Game.

The parking lot is set to be operated by T.I.B.C. Partners, L.P. between West Front and Delaware Street, north(ish) of PPL Park (if the stadium is west of the river), and almost next to Lot A. It appears that the parking lot officially operating is a recent development, based upon other information gathered by the Brotherly Game.

T.I.B.C. received "a variance to permit parking," according to Chester County public records on February 9, for 12 separate locations between West Front and Delaware Street.

The Union followed up by selling out Lot A and nearly selling out Lot B, which led to some problems with season parking pass holders and other users of Lot A in the past couple of weeks. The team was forced to handle multiple calls, tweets and emails over concerns about the selling out of Lot A to season ticket holders who had bought season parking passes.