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Union Accused Of Insulting Opposing Players And Referees, Fight Belen F.C And Lose 2-0

Belen F.C. accused the Philadelphia Union of unsportsmanlike conduct in today's friendly in Costa Rica, which finished 2-0 in favor of the hosts.

Local officials ended the game after the scuffle due to the "embarrassing" nature of a scuffle that broke out after Union midfielder Michael Farfan had a poor tackle from behind on a Belen player. Both teams soon converged near midfield and began to scuffle with one another.

[UPDATE: Per @thegoalkeeper, the Union have declined to comment on the incident that occurred in Costa Rica.]

Brian Carroll, known for his mild-mannered nature, was in the thick of it all, advancing toward Belen players to the right of the main group of his Union teammates. Goalkeeper Zac MacMath also entered the fray, backing up Carroll.

There was not much beyond some kicking and shoving, but Keon Daniel did strike an opponent with the game ball.

Belen's website declared that the Union had played "anti-football" at the Polideportivo and did not consider the game a friendly. .

"It was an immature attitude of the coach. From the beginning, they just treat us and [the] officials as stupid. The players were dedicated to kicking and shoving," said Belen midfielder Jose Luis Lopez.

However, the video released by the Costa Rican team only shows one of Belen's two goals, and then the clip of the fight. There is little context for what actually caused the scuffle to occur, given that there is distinct shoving between Farfan and a different Belen player prior to the tackle.