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#tBGshirt And #tBGscarf: Updates, How To Buy And A Package Deal

The Brotherly Game's scarf, designed by Kreider Designs.
The Brotherly Game's scarf, designed by Kreider Designs.

Last month, the Brotherly Game brought news of the first ever official shirt based upon the blog itself. Live Breathe Futbol's design was popular among our readership and Union fans in general, but the purchasing process was inconvenient.

Due to this situation, we at the Brotherly Game reworked the ordering system and now provide a service through our own 'store.' We now accept both Paypal and Credit Card purchases, which should fix the problems that people have had previously when trying to buy the shirt.

The link to the store is found here (click the hyperlinked text to be taken to the store in a new tab).

On a different note, the Brotherly Game is proud, and happy, to introduce its first ever scarf, designed by Kreider Designs (see above). Shaun Kreider, of Kreider Designs, and I have worked for months on putting together a design that properly represents this blog, while also being enticing to our readers.

The scarf will be priced at $25, but anyone purchasing it and at least one of our official shirts will get $5 off of the item, making a shirt+scarf package $40 instead of $45 overall (all packages with size 2XL or above will be $2 more, as are the shirts in those sizes). You can find the package in its own category, alongside Shirts and Scarves, in our site store.

As of right now, all purchases are preorders. We need to sell enough of each item to make the prints make sense monetarily, but the package deal is available to anyone that is part of the first shirt printing.

Thank you for your readership and patronage, we are nothing without your support.

-Scott Kessler and the Brotherly Game staff