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Call to Action: Sons of Ben 'Stache Bash 2012

Soon enough, we will all be together again in our in season home, PPL Park. We will all cheer on the U as they begin their third season in MLS. Soon enough, it will be March 18th.

It will be time for 'Stache Bash 2012.

Started last year by Scott Kessler, of the Brotherly Game, and Jeremy Sharpe, a Sons of Ben drummer, this event, at the Sons of Ben home opener tailgate, is our annual event to raise money for The Bernardine Center in Chester, PA.

When Scott and I started this in 2011, we were just two guys with a crazy idea and a desire to raise money for charity. We relied on the support of each and every one of you to take our little idea and turn it into the amazing success that it became.

It became such a success that, before it was over, the Sons of Ben elders had already told Scott and Jeremy to plan for 2012.

Now we are, in crunch time. We are 20 days away from the home opener and 'Stache Bash 2012.

Haven't ordered your shirt or scarf yet? Do so here.

The 'Stache Bash isn't about just a shirt or a scarf, it is an event.

The 'Stache Bash festivities start at 11am in the Sons of Ben tailgate area at PPL Park in Chester, PA. In an attempt to make this event accessible to everyone, the Sons of Ben are offering a few different tailgate packages for the event.

  1. is the Sons of Ben 'members' tailgate pass. For all Sons of Ben members, $10 will get you the full amenities of the Sons of Ben tailgate; food, non-alcoholic beverages, and The Boils.
  2. is the Sons of Ben 'non member' tailgate pass. For anyone coming to the Philadelphia Union home opener on March 18th, the SoBs invite you to partake in their festivities. For $12, you have access to the legendary SoB tailgate food, non-alcoholic beverage, and a concert with The Boils.
  3. is the Sons of Ben 'show only' tailgate pass. Don't want the food and beverage but want to give to a great cause? Not going to the match but want to see The Boils in what could be their only live show of 2012? Well, the SoBs have you covered. For only $5, you can purchase a 'show only' pass.

All three packages are 'ADVANCED PURCHASE' only. The Sons of Ben WILL NOT sell any tailgate passes on the day of the 'Stache Bash.

You can purchase your tailgate pass, and encourage others to do so by clicking ticket leap here.

For the raffle, we will have Flyers tickets, microbrews, items from Danny Bonaduce, Sheanon Williams, and The Philadelphia Independence, just to name a few.

The raffle tickets will be sold the day of the event for $5 for 10 tickets, $20 for an arms length or $30 for a wing span. Raffles will be drawn throughout the day and posted via the Sons of Ben Facebook page, Twitter and on the raffle board. Winners must be present or new winners will be drawn.

We are also setting a shirt goal. We would like the boys at Bark Tees to tell us that, for the next 20 days, they sell a minimum of 10 'Stache Bash shirts per day. By the end of the week, we want Ben and Mark at Bark Tees to tell us that they are sold out of the 'Stache Bash Limitied addition scarf.

We want Matt, Corey, Stella, Lorenzo, and Chris to contact Scott and I and say that they have had a record number of sign ups for the tailgate and they are having to work twice as hard to make the tailgate happen.

We want Greg, Chris, Eric, and John from The Boils to look out and think, 'what have we gotten ourselves in to'.

All of this can happen, but it needs every one of you. This is the official call to arms. We need each of you to use every communication advice at your disposal to help us spread the word. Encourage friends, Union fans or not, to buy the gear.

Encourage anyone you know coming to the match, SoB or not, to sign up for the tailgate. Buy raffle tickets, encourage others to do the same.

Do you know someone that is a music lover? Encourage them to get on the ticket leap site, spend $5 on the 'show only' pass, and come see The Boils.

Reach out to players, media contacts, celebrities, or whomever you may know. Ask them to help us spread the word of 'Stache Bash. Let's make this years Bash an even greater success than last year's Bash. Let's see if we can make this so big that not just all of MLS, but all of sports world takes notice.

Last year, we got coverage on a local TV station, this year, let's make it so big that the 'Stache Bash ends up on SportsCenter.