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Union Pass In First Stage Of 2012 MLS Re-Entry Draft

The Philadelphia Union and 17 other teams chose to pass in the first round of the 2012 Major League Soccer Re-Entry Draft, while the Chicago Fire chose to take Maicon Santos.

Otto Greule Jr

Almost the entire league chose to pass for their selections in the first stage of the 2012 Major League Soccer Re-Entry Draft, ending the event's conference call in around 15 minutes.

The Philadelphia Union were one of 17 teams who quickly stated their intentions to not participate in the first round of the Re-Entry draft this year. If the Union had taken a player, they would have been forced to give a five percent raise to him.

Maicon Santos, despite the stipulations of the first stage selection process, was taken by the Chicago Fire. The Brazilian striker did not produce last year for DC United, after leaving FC Dallas, as he only scored once in his last 17 games played.

With the first stage completed, the MLS Re-Entry Draft process will continue with teams being able to continue negotiating with players on the list, and also allow them to trade them, until the trade and negotiation blackout is resumed next Friday. A second stage selection would allow the player and team to negotiate a new contract.