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Reports: Carlos Valdes Will Start The Preseason With Santa Fe While Waiting For MLS Decision

The Philadelphia Union captain is set to spend at least part of January with Santa Fe, in Colombia, before the team and Major League Soccer make a decision on a possible six month loan.


The confusing and constantly evolving nature of Carlos Valdes' possible 2013 preseason changed yet again within the past 24 hours.

Reports out of Colombia have said that Valdes' initial period of action with Independiente Santa Fe will start on January 3 and will only consist of training with the team, for the time being. Valdes will, according to the reports, wait for Major League Soccer and the Philadelphia Union to either okay or reject a loan deal with Santa Fe.

Those same reports have placed the length of the possible loan at six months, which would allow Santa Fe to have Valdes throughout Copa Libertadores, and also for the remainder of the Colombian regular season.

The Union and MLS most likely have reservations over the idea of allowing Valdes to go on loan for six months, as that would force him to miss over three months of the 2013 regular season. It would also put him at risk of injury while away from the Union, something that will be of concern to a league that saw rising star Omar Gonzalez tear ligaments in his knee while on trial with Nuremberg before a possible loan deal.

For those on the other side of the deal, in Colombia, the potential of Valdes playing in a major tournament and the league that he started in is has Santa Fe and others highly intrigued.

A Valdes return to Santa Fe has caused enough excitement among the team's fan base and media that any indication of a loan confirmation or denial elicits a massive amount of attention on social networks. The team's chance to go deep in the famous Copa Libertadores competition has made the capture of Valdes for any period of time something of great interest in Bogota.

Another possibility for Valdes is Boca Juniors swooping in for a loan or full transfer after the Argentine giants either inquired about the center back to Colombian National Team head coach Jose Pekerman, or following a recommendation from Pekerman.