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Union Hire Ricardo Ansaldi As New International Scout

The Philadelphia Union hired Ricardo Ansaldi as the team's first ever Director of International Player Development. Ansaldi essentially takes over for Diego Gutierrez, who John Hackworth fired when he took over as interim head coach.

Rich Schultz

After declaring that the team would focus mostly on American players, John Hackworth made his first true staff addition, as the Philadelphia Union officially announced the hiring of Ricardo Ansaldi.

Ansaldi was named as the team's first ever Director of International Player Development, a position that closely resembles the one formerly held by Diego Gutierrez. Hackworth fired Gutierrez as one of the first real moves of his then interim status as head coach.

"I had the good fortune of working with him numerous times when I was working with the U.S. National teams and I was always impressed," Union coach John Hackworth said in a press release. "He has contacts at every level and we are confident that his knowledge and expertise will help bring the world's top talent to the Philadelphia Union."

The new staff member will handle the team's scouting and player acquisition overseas, mostly focusing on Argentina and other countries in South America. Ansaldi's history in soccer has revolved mostly around setting up friendlies and team trips around both Argentina and Uruguay.