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FC Dallas Thinking About Signing Former Philadelphia Union Midfielder Gabriel Gomez

Brotherly Game sister site Big D Soccer, which covers FC Dallas for SB Nation, quoted head coach Schellas Hyndman as saying that Gabriel Gomez could be acquired by the club.


Major League Soccer has a high turnover rate, but for a few lucky players, a release does not mean the end of a career in the league.

For Gabriel Gomez, a new opportunity may have already popped up in a familiar place. Gomez was one of the three Philadelphia Union casualties in today's Waiver Draft, as the team released him, Porfirio Lopez and Krystian Witkowski prior to 3:30 pm EDT.

Now the Panamanian international may move to Texas to join his national team teammate, and friend, Blaz Perez. FC Dallas reportedly is interested in acquiring the services of the midfielder.

According to Big D Soccer, SB Nation's FC Dallas site, head coach Schellas Hyndman said that the club was interested by the prospect of signing Gomez.

"Gabriel Gomez the player from Philadelphia," Hyndman said to Daniel Robertson of Big D Soccer and, "he was a player on our discovery list last year and we did not sign him so Philadelphia got him."

"There's some interesting players out there but I think what people are going to do is just kind of wait around until the players aren't picked up and then maybe renegotiate their contracts."