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Poetry Corner Kicks: Fire 1 - Union 3

Poetry Corner Kicks thinks that the Union's win over the Fire was a little sweeter, given who was in attendance

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

The Chicago Fire hoped this would be a night to remember. They were celebrating their club's 15th anniversary, they brought back some great players from their team’s history, and the current side was playing well (with the exception of their hiccup against Sporting Kansas City). But it ended up being a night they'd like to forget. The Union came in like a team possessed (with, ironically, not as much possession this time) and spoiled the celebration. Adding just a touch of sweetness to an otherwise officially meaningless game, was the fact that they won big in front of Peter Nowak in a Fire Jersey. Check out the PCK recap below.

Once upon a time a team
Whose inconsistencies were deemed
A blight on fans enduring trust
Caused their playoff hopes to bust

They lost and won and lost some more
For painful stretches they couldn’t score
But lately goals were picking up
Some wins were coming for the club

With McInerney scoring fast
And Gomez shooting cannon blasts
The Union found themselves on top
But soon their lead of two was dropped

In rarely seen defensive gaffe
Sheanon’s legs were sliced in half
Letting slip a goal that showed
Oduro’s shot had cracked the code

But Franco found a red and then
The Fire found themselves at ten
The Union pushed for one more goal
And Marfan found young Hoppenot

His back heel shot was right on frame
Which set the Fire’s hopes aflame
Surely this was much more fun
Than zero points and losing tons

If only Nowak could have seen
The Union play like a machine
Oh wait he was, and dressed in red
To watch the team he’d left for dead