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Poetry Corner Kicks: Crew 3 - Union 2

Poetry Corner Kicks looks at the most recent Union loss. Hey, at least they're not Toronto.

Jamie Sabau - Getty Images

Call me crazy, but I’m actually looking forward to next year. The Union have some decent young players on the team that are gaining valuable minutes and playing time, and hopefully Hackworth can work to get some finishers on the team in the offseason. Though I’m obviously disappointed in the results of this year, it could always be worse: I could have been a Toronto fan. See below for this weeks Poetry Corner Kicks recap.

Coming off the high
Of a win over the Orange
The Yellow brought a game
That would bring them back to
Columbus got the best
Of the Union on this night
And ended hopes of playoffs
With the closing of a

Arrieta’s goals
Were the story ‘fore the half
That and ‘Kugo’s game
Like manure on his
The second half brought many changes
Namely two more goals
But these were off of Union feet
To tie the game at

Cruz’s PK goal
Was his first in Union blue
Jack Mac’s goal was pretty too
As o’er the keep’ it
But comebacks are a rarity
Especially for the U
For not a minute later
Columbus shot and

The Union won’t go quietly
Though out of playoffs they
Miro’s goal was quite offsides
The U would have you
Off or on ain’t here nor there
For now the U are done
Another year, another chance
Our youngsters have to