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Poetry Corner Kicks: SKC 2 - Union 1

Poetry Corner Kicks sings the blues with Langston Hughes

Hackworth contemplates the blues.
Hackworth contemplates the blues.

After another loss, the Union fans have to be frustrated. The blue and gold lost to the powder blues, making the fans sing the blues. Who was the king of blues poetry? None other than Langston Hughes. In trying to encapsulate the feeling after this all too familiar loss, PCK turns to Hughes' poem The Weary Blues for inspiration. You can see the original poem here, then check out the PCK recap below.

Droning a drowsy sympathetic tune,
Bemoaning this season with losses strewn
I saw the Union play
Out in Kansas City’s heartland night
By the brilliance of soccer stadium lights
The Union faded away
The Union faded away
To the tune o’ the Union blues
With ‘Math’s hands keeping the U alive
Peterson struck: one-time line drive
O Blues!
At half, Union down but not out yet
For next was Hoppenot’s shot in the net
Sweet Blues!
Coming off of Marfan’s saved shot
O Blues!
The SOB’s song was heard for a touch
We heard those folks sing, that old DOOPing song
"Doop Doop Doop do do Doop Doop Doop
Do Doop Doop Doop do do Doop Doop Doop

Thump Thump Thump the U’s hopes hit the floor
They played a bit more then Sapong went and scored
"I got the Union Blues
And I can’t be satisfied
Got the Union Blues
And can’t be satisfied-
I ain’t happy no mo’
We can’t score on our tries"
And far into the night the U’s fans crooned that tune
Their blues went up straight to the moon
In the game’s final minutes another game fled
The same ol’ story the Union have read
Just one more game till the season is dead