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Poetry Corner Kicks: Dynamo 3 - Union 1

Poetry Corner Kicks tries to come to grips with another loss.

Me too, John.  Me too.
Me too, John. Me too.
Bob Levey

Well, apparently the international break was too long for the Union. Any momentum that may have been gained from the previous wins was lost and they reverted back to their Nowak-ian ways. On a night with little highlights for the Union, the one bright spot has to be McInerney’s scoring. He’s no Wondo, DeRo or even LeToux yet, but he is squite young. To see eight goals from him, despite not playing much in the first 11 games under Nowak, is encouraging. PCK examines the latest sloppy loss from the blue and gold...

What to say? What to do?
Another loss from you-know-who
Some sloppy O and sloppy D
Gave Union one and Houston three

One could cry 'bout Geiger's calls
But that would do no good at all
It seemed the Union tried to lose
And leave the game all worn and bruised

Kandji started off real fast
By picking Valdes and blowing past
Our defense who were caused to sweat
When Kandji's ball found back of net

Soon Mac headed home a goal
That gave some hope to my poor soul
We thought his goal might help a ton
Alas it was the only one

MacMath would keep them in the game
Until Garcia staked his claim
His blast that smacked the goalie's hand
Went in the net and cheered the fans

This was all the Or'nge would need
But Geiger wanted penalties
So there in minute sev'ty-five
A penalty was then contrived

Davis' shot would leave no doubt
And finish off dear Houston's rout
Another loss came to the U
Another home win for the Hou

Despite the Gieger influence
The Union played without prudence
I guess 'tween games it was too long
And killed momentum's siren song