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Poetry Corner Kicks: Revolution 0 - Union 1

Poetry Corner Kicks examines the Union's win over the Revolution and realizes that the Union have double digits in the win column!

Chris Gardner - Getty Images

Double digit wins. I wasn’t sure if the Union would get there this season, but here they are. It struck me that with just one more win, the Union will have equaled their win total from last year- their first playoff year. Yes, they have almost twice as many losses as last year too, but it seems strange that I could be celebrating a win just as many times this year as last year. In honor of The Princess Bride turning 25 this year, we could say that this year hasn’t been ALL dead, just MOSTLY dead. So there is still hope for the Union next year. If not, we’d only be able to go through their pockets and look for loose change. On with the PCK recap...

On these nights when air turns cold
With PPL seats left unsold
The Union played a game to hold
The Revolution in their place

The Revs were not quite up to snuff
Their efforts here proved not enough
To beat the Union and their stuff
Or match the Union’s steady pace

Though both were out of playoff hope
The Union would not sit and mope
For winning finds a way to cope
And save the fans a little grace

Bengtson started with a bang
But off the post his shot would clang
Continuing Revs sturm and drang
MacMath could save a little face

Cardenas then was rather shy
And wouldn’t pull the trigger, why?
His efforts clearly gone awry
The ball then cleared from Union space

Then JackMac scored his seventh goal
He knocked it in while near the pole
He played K’s kick with much control
And became the Union’s scoring ace

‘Math would save a shot from Guy
And Benny’s red bid him "bye-bye"
Thus not a loss and not a tie,
Philly won at their home base