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Geiger'd: Union Drop Game to Dynamo With Dismal Play and Geiger Controversy

Poor play and a controversial call by referee Mark Geiger added up to a 3-1 loss for the Philadelphia Union.

Bob Levey

It was the worst of times, and it was the worst of times.

After writing about the goals during the game, as can be seen in this game stream, I don't have the energy to go about writing a brand new recap. This game was draining to watch.

There was nothing pretty about it for the Union beyond the flicked header finish by Jack McInerney. There were bright spots here and there, but nothing to really point to as a positive otherwise.

A poor display by the Union was met by a poor display by the Dynamo. However, it was evident that the two teams had a talent disparity between them, as Houston was able to control possession and threaten the entire game, even though it was far from the best of its abilities.

Even McInerney was not without fault. The goal was beautiful in of itself, but the striker was unable to retain possession on multiple occasions and his passing was not up to the standards of a professional starting no. 9.

Mis-communication was rampant throughout the game for the Union. It was as if the entire team was on different pages at every moment.

Mark Geiger's controversial decision to call a penalty against Carlos Valdes for his slide tackle on Will Bruin was incredibly harsh, but it didn't truly impact the game as much as it could have because the game was basically already over. Brad Davis' conversion of the penalty was the final nail in the coffin of something that was at points almost unwatchable.

Unfortunately, that's the story line of the season. Poor play, mis-communication and a less than enjoyable style of play without positive results to offset it.

Brotherly Game will have more to say in the coming week, but for now this will speak to the energy draining waste that was the 3-1 loss to the Dynamo.