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Colombia's 2-0 Win Over Paraguay Another Solid National Team Game For Carlos Valdes

A 2-0 win over Paraguay put Colombia into a prime position to advance through South American qualifying for the 2014 World Cup. Carlos Valdes was at the center of it all in defense.

Bob Levey

Soccer players have long recognized that chances cannot go unfulfilled, least they dry up and prevent future progression toward the biggest stages of a career.

For some players this means not messing around with Europe looking on through scouts. Others focus more on the representation of their countries, which may slip away from their grasps at any moment.

The Philadelphia Union's captain has had a second chance with the latter.

Carlos Valdes' time with the Colombian national team only recently restarted after an absence since 2008, but he has put himself on track to continue to play at the international level.

A solid display against Paraguay last Friday began with a surprise inclusion in the starting lineup for Colombia. Carl Worswick, an English reporter in Colombia, was able to confirm Valdes' starting role prior to official lineups.

Valdes capitalized on Peckerman's validation of his play in Colombia's 4-0 victory over Uruguay last month. While Valdes didn't dominant the game out of the back, he impressively held his own for a second straight World Cup qualifier.

Paired alongside Luis Parea, of Spain's Atletico Madrid, Valdes and the defense as a whole had a rocky first half, but managed to keep the game scoreless while waiting for Colombia's well hyped offense to finally score.

Eventually Colombia did get on the score sheet behind a brace by superstar Radamel Falcao, giving the country its second victory with Valdes on the field and a goal differential of plus-six (6-0).

The 27-year-old defender clearly felt that he had earned future time with Colombia, as he optimistically tweeted about the country heading toward its first World Cup since 1998.

"Nueva oportunidad para seguir creciendo y construir el sueño ... Vamos Colombia #fuerzatricolor," Valdes tweeted to his 9,397 followers. (New opportunity for further growth and to build the dream ... Go Colombia.)

Colombia's next game will be on November 14, when it will face Brazil, at Metlife Stadium, and its next World Cup qualifier will be played at home against Bolivia.