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Valdes Confirmed In Colombia's World Cup Qualifying Starting XI Against Paraguay

Carlos Valdes was confirmed to be in Colombia's 2014 World Cup qualifying starting lineup against Paraguay by journalists in the country.

Chris Gardner - Getty Images

Carlos Valdes' return to the Colombian National Team was not short lived like some thought in August, as the center back was selected to start today.

Colombian head coach Jose Perkerman chose to place Valdes into the starting XI despite also having Aquivaldo Mosquera and Cristián Zapata on the squad roster. Zapata was a teammate of Valdes on the Colombian under-20 National Team in 2005.

The starting lineup, from friend of the Brotherly Game, Carl Worswick:

Confirmed COL XI vs PAR: Ospina, Zúñiga, Valdés, Yepes, Armero, Valencia, Aldo,James, Macnelly, Teo y Falcao.

This start will be Valdes' sixth appearance for Colombia since his debut in 2008. Valdes last started for Colombia against Uruguay, which was a 4-0 win for them.

The 27-year-old defender will pair in the center with Colombian captain Mario Yepes against Paraguay in Bogota, COL at 4:30 pm EDT.

"[He] Wasn't really tested against Uruguay but did very little wrong nonetheless," Worswick tweeted to the Brotherly Game. "I think he'll do well alongside Yepes."