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'Stache Bash 2012: Let's 'Stache Again, Like We Did Last Year...

'Stache Bash 2012 shirt/scarf brown.
'Stache Bash 2012 shirt/scarf brown.

Scott Kessler, Jeremy Sharpe, and the Sons of Ben are at it again.

Gentlemen, it is time to put down the razors, grab the grooming scissors, mirrors, assorted mustaches waxes, choose the style that is right for you, and let testosterone do the rest, all to raise money for Help Kick Hunger, to benefit The Bernardine Center in Chester, PA.

As we did last year, there will be festivities during the Sons of Ben tailgate before the Philadelphia Union home opener, March 18, 2012 against the Colorado Rapids. Events will include the 'Stache Bash raffle, the mustache themed tailgate, and - we hope - a few surprises brought to you by are men and women of the SoB Bearfight Brigade.

More details of the tailgate festivities will be announced when they are confirmed.

Last year, the center piece of the 'Stache Bash tailgate was the tee shirt, featuring Philadelphia's favorite son, Ben Franklin, sporting a fashionable handlebar mustache. For those of you who missed out on the 'Stache Bash 2011 shirt, a limited number are still available from here.

Over 300 of the 'Mustached Franklin' were sold last year, and Barktees gave all proceeds to Sons of Ben Help Kick Hunger.

This year, we have partnered up with Mark and Ben and Barktees again. Along with the help of artists Jeff Eller and Trevor Machinia, Mark Jenkinson at Limepickle, and the Sons of Ben, we are proud to announce the 'Stache Bash 2012 shirt, and new this year, the 'Stache Bash 2012 scarf.

This year's shirt design incorporates our favorite torhymne and a 'stache that it has famously graced tv shows, movies, and children's costumes. The scarf incorporates a beautiful handle bar mustache design, the Jolly Franklin, and the tee shirt design, and celebrates our mustachioed pride. With out further adieu, the Brotherly Game, in conjunction with the Sons of Ben and, is proud to be the first to debut the 'Stache Bash 2012 shirt.

The 'Stache Bash 2012 shirt and scarf will be available to order from in a few days. The shirt will be available for $15, the scarf for $25, or you can get the shirt and scarf package from our friends at Barktees for $35. As we did last year, Barktees will be donating the proceeds of the shirt and scarf to Help Kick Hunger, the charitable leg of the Sons of Ben, that benefits the Bernardine Center in Chester, PA.

Stache Bash 2011 was a great success, and we hope to set the bar higher this year! Before this article was even edited, we had already gotten positive reactions to Stache Bash 2012.

Kieran Todd of the Sons of Ben and the Bearfight Brigade told us that he supports the bash and Help Kick Hunger because, '"We get so much joining these (supporters groups)... the friendships, the experiences, the memories, and yes, the shenanigans. Shouldn't someone else reap some of those rewards as well?'

Jeff Mitchell of the Illegitimates (Section 133) said, 'We in Section 133 support the Stache Bash to Help Kick Hunger because Chester has become our second home. We are committed to supporting Chester as loyally as we support the Union."

"We want to show all the people of Chester that we are more than just a big traffic jam every other weekend. We genuinely care about them and want to make a positive difference in the neighborhood. To us, this is the best way to grow the game of soccer in America.'

Another 'Stache Basher and SoB, Jason Baker, told the Brotherly Game, "because I haven't shaved since August."

Jeff Eller, one of the designers of this year's apparel options, says that "I'm honored that Jeremy asked me to be a part of 'Stache Bash this year. To be able to do what I love to do and help make a difference, it's quite an awesome feeling."

So gentlemen and ladies, the time has come, let's 'stache again, like we did last year.