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Sporting Life Quotes Owen Coyle On Le Toux: "We'd Have Probably Needed A Longer Look."

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Sebastien Le Toux's return to the Philadelphia area has taken another turn, as yet another media outlet reports of a development concerning his possible transfer across the pond.

English sports news site Sporting Life reports that Le Toux did not impress enough to warrant Bolton Wanderers pursuing a transfer. Despite the large amount of speculation, rumors and overseas media member based intrigue, Sporting Life claims that Bolton manager Owen Coyle has declared the Wanderers decision to look elsewhere for support.

"Sebastien came in for a couple of days," Owen said, "and to be fair to him he hadn't trained for four or five weeks. He did fine and that's where it is. We'd have probably needed a longer look."

The quote directly contradictions assertions by other outlets that the Frenchman's trial in England had gone well, including one from's own Joe Prince-Wright.

As of right now, Sporting Life is the only outlet attributing the quote to Coyle, which is interesting in the highly competitive and copycat world of English sport media.