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The Brotherly Game Is A Soccer Ally: Supporting Gay4Soccer And Humanity

When approached to declare this blog as an ally for basic human rights, it was not a question of whether or not I would support the cause, but rather when I had the time to give the occasion a proper write up.

The ability to utilize one's inherent and unique version of humanity is something that the Brotherly Game strongly supports. When it comes to sports, players are thrown under microscopes and their true selves are hardly ever allowed to be exposed without heavy criticism or repricusions.

Coming out as something considered against the mainstream imagine of what a person is supposed to be has an extra element of difficulty for an athlete. Media, fans and perhaps even their own teammates put undue pressure upon players to hide their real identities.

This whole situation culminates with campaigns to help soften the stigma of actions such as "coming out" publicly, which is what Gay4Soccer has begun through its "Soccer Allies" program. It's unfortunate that grassroots campaigns such as Gay4Soccer are necessary, but while they continue to be so, the Brotherly Game will throw its name behind their goals.

As our friends at the Union Dues have already done, we officially place ourselves behind a right in a world with so many wrongs.

We're a Soccer Ally.