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Post-Dengue Fever Symptoms May End Remainder Of Keon Daniel's 2011 Season, Visa Or Not

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When the Brotherly Game originally reported that Philadelphia Union midfielder Keon Daniel would not return to the team during the 2011, it was based upon information about his visa situation. Now it appears that Dengue Fever may end Daniel's season whether or not the 25-year-old gets back into the United States.

After talking to a Philadelphia resident who contracted Dengue Fever while in Mexico, initial thoughts on Daniel's possible return are at least a month off..

"After the Fever subsides and the related symptoms subside, there is about a month of fatigue and heat sensitivity to deal with," said David Bodoff, who was bitten by a mosquito in Mexico a few years ago and dealt with the illness.

Despite being a half-marathoner, Bodoff had troubles returning to his daily running routines after regaining his health once the Fever was gone. His experience with the Fever leads him to believe that Daniel will take some time to get back into match fitness.

"[Daniel] is going to have problems once 'healthy'," Bodoff said.