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Tuesday Night Union Freekicks: Miles4MJ, Magic Numbers, Kingdoms And Salaries

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The Philly Soccer Page " Miles4MJ Charity Tailgate in pictures
The Union may not have won last Saturday, but the Union family did. Before the game against Portland, Philadelphia Union supporters gathered for a charity tailgate in support of Miles4MJ.

The magic number is…. " Unholy Union – The fan blog for Phi. Union

That’s the MINIMUM amount of games left in the season.  Even though I apparently had a blackout fit, while at PPL Park, between 7:30 and 9:40 pm on Saturday, I still have hope.  We didn’t just tie two of the worst teams in the league, at home, in a row.  We didn’t fall 4-1 against the league’s worst scoring offense.  We aren’t behind Kansas City in the standings…….. Wait.

My Kingdom for a Finish- Union vs. Portland | Philly Union Talk

What can be said about Saturday’s result?  The Union was the better team on the whole, but the singular frustration of non-finishes continues to be a thorn the size of a small Buick in our collective side.  How can a team be capable of 4 goals with their backs against the wall, but incapable of even one against a team that isn’t that much more dangerous? 

Union paying Freddy Adu nearly $600,000 | The Goalkeeper | 09/13/2011

Not surprisingly, Adu is the highest-paid player on the Union's roster. The 22-year-old's base salary is $475,884, and his guaranteed compensation figure is $594,884.

PBPP: What’s happening in the Eastern Conference? | Philadelphia Union

On July 17, it sure was looking like the Philadelphia Union might end up winning the Eastern Conference, or at the very least end up in second place...

Nowak wants to see mental strength from struggling Union | Philadelphia Union

CHESTER, Pa. – In the past five days, the Philadelphia Union have enjoyed their second highest-scoring output of the season as well as one of their...

Carroll's return helps Union lock down middle of the field | Philadelphia Union

CHESTER, Pa. — In his first game back after being sidelined with what he’d later describe as "three bone contusions, turf toe and an arch issue...