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Paunovic Appreciates Macedonian Interest, But Declares Serbian Loyalty

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Veljko Paunovic's Macedonian ancestry isn't enough to make him switch national teams, according to the versatile attacking midfielder. The 34-year-old's form has brought attention from both MLS fans and media internationally, with three goals since joining the Union in mid-June. 

Paunovic responded to the Brotherly Game's question of what he thought about Macedonian media tracking him  as a potential international (first reported by the Brotherly Game). 

I'm proud of macedonian ancestry, but I'm Serbian and I will never play for no other country but Serbia. @brotherlygame

The former Serbian international is eligible for a one-time switch to Macedonia because of his previously mentioned Macedonian ancestry, and the fact that his birth place is today the largest city in the eastern part of the country.

His run with the Serbian national team was short lived, as Paunovic played in only two internationally sanctioned games. However, Paunovic scored in his second, and final, game with Serbian, helping the team to an 1-1 draw against Northern Ireland in Belfast.