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Happy Fourth Of July From The Brotherly Game

The Philadelphia Union didn't exactly set off fireworks with their display on Saturday night (sorry, couldn't resist using that cliche), but tonight will feature plenty.

We at the Brotherly Game wish you a happy and a healthy Fourth of July. Please be careful in whatever you choose to do, especially if it involves fireworks or other potentially harmful activities.

Personally, this fellow will be attending the Let Freedom Rock concert. For some reason both Styx and Yes decided to sign up to play a concert on American Independence day... despite both consisting completely of British nationals. Should be a fun time nonetheless (though the good time from Styx will only be four or so songs, to be honest).

Don't forget to celebrate Philadelphia's major role in the creation of our country along the way, or that the Union has many cases of symbolism throughout the team's logo and name that allude to the city's history.

Once again, a happy Fourth!

-The Brotherly Game staff