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Villanova And Delaware Game At PPL Park Is A "Test Case For... The Future"

November 19 might prove to be more than just the jumping off point for annual rivalry games at PPL Park between Villanova and Delaware.

According to the Delaware Online, Villanova is looking at the game as a possible jumping off point for their possible conference move.

Villanova coach Andy Talley called the Nov. 19 game against Delaware at PPL Park in Chester a "test case for us for the future," regarding a potential move to the Big East with the Philadelphia Union's Major League Soccer stadium as its home field.

Philadelphia Union CEO Nick Sakiewicz hinted, back on June 23, toward Villanova coming back after their game against Delaware.

"We are honored to be building a long term relationship with such a world class university," Sakiewicz told, "and are very excited about our partnership and the future."

Vocal fans of the Union were outraged when the news originally broke about the potential partnership over fears stemming from the documented effects of football on soccer fields. Neither the Union nor Villanova have publicly addressed those concerns. 

Even if PPL Park expands to the 30,000 seats it was designed to hold and Villanova was to move into the Big East with the Chester stadium as their home, the Philadelphia school would still have the smallest stadium in the conference.