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MLS Considering Philadelphia For Future All-Star Game

Philadelphia is one of the front runners to host a future MLS All-Star Game, MLS Commissioner Don Garber told reporters last night.

When asked about the chances of the city hosting the league's mid-season game, Garber responded, "Yeah they will be. Not quite how soon, but they will be in the mix." He went on to name Kansas City, Vancouver and Montreal as the league's other prospective All-Star Game host cities.

"Every new team, particularly those that make the commitment to build a stadium, that have a passionate fan base, should have an All-Star Game," Garber went on to say.

The Commissioner addressed the ability of the league to maintain longevity, which is shown through its future All-Star Game process, according to Garber.

"The good thing is that we're not going anywhere, so we can start thinking about laying out our All-Star schedule two, three, four or even five years in advance like the other leagues do. That wasn't something we were thinking about a number of years ago."