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Carlos Ruiz Helps Provide Legitimacy To Fledgling Guatemalan Footballers Association

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Though FIFA has nearly 200 member nations, only a fifth of those countries have official player associations. Until yesterday Guatemala was one of the numerous countries that lacked an organization for its players, until Guatemalan soccer players Gonzalo Romero (Municipal), Luis Swisher (Universidad) and Erick Acevedo (Glucosoral Futsal)came together to form one.

Philadelphia Union striker Carlos Ruiz is one of the country's most famous athletes, having scored the most goals in the national team's history. According to Univision Deportes, the 31-year-old has thrown his name and support behind the newly created Association, giving the organization much needed local credibility.

The International Federation of Professional Footballers  (FIFpro) - the worldwide players association with (now) 40 members - has also accepted the Guatemalan Footballers Association into its ranks.

The Guatemalan Footballers Association's mission is to "to defend the rights of professional footballers, including Futsal to possible abuses of the Guatemalan, clubs, corporate sponsors and other entities of local football."