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The Brotherly Game Makes An Appearance In The YSA Report

The YSA report. (Photo courtesy of the YSA Report and The Union Dues)
The YSA report. (Photo courtesy of the YSA Report and The Union Dues)

The newest episode of the YSA Report, third overall, was released last night. It's a bit lengthy (clocking in at about one-and-a-half hours long), but it's a worthwhile listen. I especially enjoyed the Philly Soccer Page bit that parodied various people within the Union soccer community, including head coach Piotr Nowak and even a reporter or two.

Murph, of The Union Dues. asked me a couple of months ago if I wanted to have a part in the podcast. The second episode came and went without me being able to get him anything, but this time around I was able to record a segment and viola, it's in this edition.

I'm the voice of the "Kessler Love Shack," which involves me going over things I like or love about the Union in the time preceding the recording of the piece. This time around I focused on beginning of the season to current day topics.

The other hosts of the podcast are:

Jeff Mitchell from TheIllegitimateS/Section 133, Eli Pearlman-Storch from PhillySoccetPage, Earl "Kemosabe" Gardner, Evil Genius Producer and Murph from UnionDues.

Have a listen and enjoy some fan created content.