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On Tiro Libre, MLS' Spanish Language Podcast, Carlos Ruiz Reaffirms His Desire To Stay In Philly

Tiro Libre's current podcast episode visual teaser. (Photo courtesy of
Tiro Libre's current podcast episode visual teaser. (Photo courtesy of

(Translations of the podcast are by Joey Samuel, the Brotherly Game editor.)

Addressing new transfer rumors, Carlos Ruiz once again denied that he will return to Mexico, this time on Tiro Libre.

The former Puebla striker talked about reports coming out of Mexico on MLS' Spanish language podcast, saying that he was well aware of the rumors. Throwing out all of the teams that he's heard about wanting him - Puebla, San Luis, Pachuca, Leon, Nexaca, and now Veracruz - Ruiz shrugged off the supposed inquiries, throwing his name behind the Union and Philadelphia.

"I feel like I can do big things in Philly," the 31-year-old forward stated on Tiro Libre. "There will always be rumors, but I'm gonna be here in Philly."

Ruiz also rebutted an article by D Poder A Poder, which was found and translated by the Brotherly Game, hinting toward his family having no problems with settling in the area.

"I'm very happy in Philadelphia, I want to stay in the U.S.," said Ruiz. ""All my family lives in the U.S."

With the international transfer window opening, officially, on July 15, Ruiz will most likely be hearing about his name in Mexican media reports for the next couple of months.