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Rest Or Relocation? Veracruz Reportedly Pays Carlos Ruiz's 'Buyout' Clause

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(All translations by @MarksXJ - Jon Marks - also writes for Philly Union Talk.)

In what is becoming a weekly event, Philadelphia Union striker Carlos Ruiz has been linked to a Mexican club. Club Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz, linked to Ruiz twice in the past couple of weeks, have reportedly paid the Guatemalan forward's buyout clause (also referred to as a minimum release fee) in his Union contract.

The article was published on July 9, the same day that Ruiz did not travel to play the San Jose Earthqukes because he was being rested by Union head coach Piotr Nowak.

An off-the-pitch situation is driving Ruiz's drive to move away from the Union, according to D Poder A Poder (a Veracruz news outlet):

People close to the negotiation confirmed that Ruiz is looking to sever ties with his actual club(Union) under the argument that his family has not adapted to the city and this has him unhappy.

Ruiz himself has offered to pay the money required to activate the fee, in order to expedite the transfer to Veracruz.

The initial conversations establish that Ruiz offered, with the backing of Veracruz, to pay the buyout clause of the contract to MLS and, in this manner, remain free to sign a contract before the close of registration in Mexican Soccer.

MLS is the only hold up in the transfer, per the article, as the league believes that Ruiz is a top Latin/Hispanic attraction and will not want to let the 31-year-old leave Philly.

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Also, it is confirmed that los Tiburones Rojos have already put in the total (deposited) to spend on Ruiz, so his arrival to Veracruz as the third foreign reinforcement can be sped up.

Until this Saturday, the signing of the ex-player of Aris Salonica of Greece and of the Galaxy of Los Angeles would be suppressed by what MLS decides based on Ruiz being one of the principal latin attractions of the league and by consequence an attraction of the ticket office which leaves in doubt the MLS freeing Ruiz.

For the full article, sans the translations found here, please click this linked text.