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Stuart Holden: "I will be there on 22nd!!"

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Stuart Holden confirmed, through Twitter, today that he will attend the Philadelphia Union's June 22 game against Sporting Kansas City after persuasion from Union fans. He tweeted the following to @Jersha (who you may recognize from Sons of Ben and 'Stache Bash related posts on the Brotherly Game):

@Jersha haha I will be there on 22nd!!

As detailed here on the Brotherly Game yesterday, the 25-year-old opened up the possibility when he tweeted he was in Wilmington, Delaware for rehab on his injured knee and wanted to make a trip to Philadelphia. Union fans then took it upon themselves to attempt to get Holden to a Union game during his stay in the area. The Sons of Ben were at the forefront of this Twitter-based movement, starting the hash tag #MakeStuAnSoB.

The current Bolton Wanderers midfielder is in Wilmington until June 27 as he tries to come back from an ACL injury caused by Manchester United center defender Jonny Evans