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MLS All Star Team Fan Ballot Snubs Jordan Harvey, Sheanon Williams And Carlos Valdes

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The 2011 MLS All Star team fan ballot was released by the league and Philadelphia Union fans already feel the league's "select" group of media members who created the list made mistakes with the Union. Defensive stalwarts Jordan Harvey, the team's left back, Sheanon Williams, the team's right back, and Carlos Valdes, the team's right center back, all were left off the list.

Each MLS team has six players on the list, including a goalkeeper if the team's goalkeeper is selected to the goalkeeping pool for the All Star team. The Union have goalkeeper Faryd Mondragon, former captain and starting left center back Danny Califf, midfielder Justin Mapp and strikers Danny Mwanga, Carlos Ruiz and Sebastien Le Toux on the list.

Despite the Union starting either only one or two strikers per game, the Union have three out of the four strikers who have started a game for the team on the list Jack McInerney, who made his first start this season for the Union against the Colorado Rapids, was the only striker left off. Justin Mapp's play of late has certainly earned him the right to be on the list, but his early season play makes him much less of a worthy listing than Harvey, Williams or Valdes.

Mondragon and the Union have succeeded not because of a high flying offense,  but because an absolutely stellar defense so far this season. Harvey, Califf, Valdes and Williams are the reasons for why Mondragon has seen so few shots on goal, or shots at all, this season. It's enabled the 39-year-old Colombian to stay away from taking a toll upon his aging body and provides the team with the ability to move forward without too much fear of an opponent quickly countering for a score.

Leaving Harvey, Williams and Valdes off of the Union's ballot is not a snub, but a travesty. This "select" group of media members can only be assumed as to have not have watched a game that the Union have played this season.