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"CandyGate" Ends With Fines, Blame For "Ornery" USAirways Gate Attendant

There was plenty of speculation as to what the Philadelphia Union's reaction would be to three of the team's top players missing the club's flight home from Colorado. Today, multiple beat writers covering the Union are quoting assistant coach John Hackworth as saying that the three have received "undisclosed fines."

Ryan Bright of tweeted the following as the team's answer for the low key discipline:

Hackworth also added that the situation was not deemed serious and was a simple mistake. No further discipline.

Keon Daniel, Danny Mwanga and Sheanon Williams all missed the flight back to Philadelphia after the Union's 1-1 draw against the Colorado Rapids due to a candy run on their way to the gate. The team is blaming the three missing the flight due to a stubborn USAirways gate attendant.

Hackworth's statement on the matter is below, from a tweet by Kerith Gabriel of the Philadelphia Daily News and

It's said that candy wasn't the culprit but an ornery USAir gate attendant who wouldn't let the trio on after the final boarding call.