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Candy Run Means Missed Flight For Three Union Players

Adding another story to what is turning out to be a day of silly news, three Philadelphia Union players missed their flight out of Colorado because of candy.

Keon Daniel, Danny Mwanga and Sheanon Williams all missed the Union's flight home after last night's game against the Colorado Rapids because of a hankering for some sweets. The trio were on their way to the flight's gate, but decided to stop for candy on the way. Williams' girlfriend, Hannah Whalen, alerted Union fans to the matter and spoke her mind about the folly on Twitter:

What grown men miss their flight because they stop to get CANDY on the way to the gate?! Oh right @sheanonwilliams and friends do. #stupid

Just to add. Im not amused whatsoever at the fact they missed the flight. Now they wont be home till 1oclock in the morning.

She revealed that the other two "culprits", Williams' friends, were Daniel and Mwanga in a tweet to Amobi Okugo, who is currently resting a high ankle sprain that he picked up early into the Union's win last month against the Chicago Fire.