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Group Of Rapids Fans Booed Sheanon Williams Because He Was "The Closest Player"

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During the Philadelphia Union's 1-1 draw against the Colorado Rapids, many Union fans noticed booing directed at Sheanon Williams, the Union's starting right back. Throughout the game a group of Rapids fans was indiscriminately booing Williams, especially when the second year player touched the ball.

Union fans and players alike were puzzled by the booing, with Williams himself taking some offense to it, responding to the booing with the following tweet:

Want to thank Colorado fans for there wonderful support last night really meant the world to me #HATERS

It turns out that Williams was just unlucky to be be where he was, when he was. Burgundy Wave, SB Nation's Rapids blog, talked to a member of the group booing Williams around half time and found out that they had decided to boo him because he was "the closest player" on the Union to the group. The group, Class VI (a reference to a type of white water rapids), had this to say, according to Burgundy Wave:

@brotherlygame Gal from Class VI just told me that they decided to boo the guy closest to them on the pitch today #coolstorybro #wat

Mystery solved.