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Vito: Villanova Football At PPL Park Is Official, According To Union CEO Nick Sakiewicz

Christopher Vito, of the Delaware County Times (The Delco Times) and the Brotherly Game, reported through Twitter that Villanova will host Delaware at PPL Park on November 19. He then followed up that tweet with others that state the following:

It's absolutely official. Just spoke with Union CEO Nick Sakiewicz about the deal to bring Villanova football to PPL Park.

Sakiewicz: "We're their partner. We want to form a relationship with Villanova University to make PPL Park their home."

For now, it's a one-year deal w/ Villanova but Sakiewicz said he & the Union are "open for business" to host "as many games as they desire."

Villanova and PPL Park have been linked together for months now because of the college's wish to move from Division I-AA (FCS) football to Division I-A (FBS). To enter into the Big East Conference, which has discussed extending a membership offer to 'Nova, the university needs to upgrade its home field accommodations. The NCAA mandate on stadium size requires at least 15,000 seats to be available for any given game day. Currently, Villanova plays its home games at the 12,000 person Villanova Stadium.

Fan outcry on the subject was in full force back in April when the Big East's talks on adding Villanova appeared to be moving forward. Union supporters are afraid that having football teams play at PPL Park will degrade the quality of the playing field and possibly create eye sores from painted on line markings.

Vito stated in his Tweet that the Delco Times will have more on the news later today and also on Friday.