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Stuart Holden Plays The Drums, Cheers With The Sons Of Ben

When Stuart Holden announced on Twitter that he would come to a Philadelphia Union game, during his time rehabilitating an injury in Wilmington, Delaware, no one expected him to show up and stick around the River End. That's exactly what Holden did, however.

During an almost five minute visit with the Sons of Ben, Holden interacted more than most celebrities would be allowed to when among fans. The 25-year-old Bolton Wanderers midfielder walked into section 137 of the River End, heading into the capo and drum area. Within seconds of arriving to cheers and chants of U-S-A, Holden had taken over the section's drummer role, much to the liking of the fans around him. Later on into his visit, Holden had a scarf tossed to him, which he then waved in the air to the song at the time. He also danced a bit as well.

It seemed like Holden thoroughly enjoyed his time with the Sons of Ben. The "Holden smile" was out and about almost every second the Scottish-born player spent in the River End. Holden went out of his way to shake hands with as many fans as he could and also spoke with two teenagers who came over to the capo area to speak with the USMNT international.

He met up with Hugh Jackman, who also visited the River End, during the game and met up with Charlie Davies after the game, near the locker rooms.