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Sons Of Ben Show Solidarity With Revolution Supporter Groups With A Minute Of Silence

The Sons of Ben were #DTF last night. Not in the Urban Dictionary definition of the acronym, but rather "Defend(ing) The Fort."

As a show of solidarity for their fellow supporter groups in New England, the Sons of Ben decided to have a minute of silence during the twelfth minute of the Philadelphia Unions' goalless draw with Sporting Kansas City. Along with the silence were pieces of paper held up by many members of the River End reading "#DTF."

Their decision to hold the minute of silence came after reports came out of New England that the Revolution had clamped down on their supporter groups within their version of the River End, The Fort.

Here's one of the videos that has already been posted on YouTube of the event:

After the jump, more videos of the Sons of Ben's moment of silence to support the Midnight Riders and the Rebellion, the New England Revolution's main supporter groups. (A big thanks to Rory128 on YouTube, @RockstarLugo10 and @barbcvphilly for the videos.)