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One Season Later, Sons Of Ben Plan To Serenade Peter Vermes Again

The 50th minute of tonight's Philadelphia Union and Sporting Kansas City game at PPL Park should be reminiscent of a game from last season. The Sons of Ben plan on reminding Peter Vermes, Sporting's head coach, of his only other visit to Chester.

Only a few days prior to the eventual 1-1 draw, Vermes was arrested for a DUI. Not wanting to let Vermes come to Philly without getting a word in edge wise, the Sons of Ben sung to Vermes:

The entirety of the River End counted down from 99, becoming one of the only groups to ever successfully finish all of the stanzas of "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall." The supporters group then followed up the song, which used the line "Peter Vermes, gives us your keys," to make the song relevant, with "Over the Limit, Under Arrest." To finish off the gag, the River End jingled thousands of keys at the same time to extenuate the point.