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My Dad's Reaction To "A Soccer Story: Happy Father's Day, Dad"

Yesterday I posted a story about my Dad for Father's Day. I decided to surprise him with it as my present to him for Father's Day. He had already received a brand new reclining chair from my family as his main Father's Day present, from which he watched the Union game on Saturday night with me.

My Dad read through the story and told me it was the best present I've ever given him. To be completely honest, not that big of an accomplishment based on my past history of gift giving with him. Still a compliment I truly appreciated from the big guy on his day of celebration.

To repeat myself from yesterday, especially after my Dad's reaction:

I consider myself lucky. I have a Dad who has helped guide me and shape me throughout my time here on Earth. That alone is enough. But he's also someone who absolutely lives and breathes through sports and has instilled an emotional attachment - one I consider as important as air - to Philadelphia sports franchises in me.