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Happy Mother's Day From tBG

Happy Mothers Day from Union players to their Moms.
Happy Mothers Day from Union players to their Moms.

The Brotherly Game wishes everyone a happy Mother's Day today.

Today is a celebration of the most important woman on earth to most people - their Moms. Above are the two public declarations of that love by Philadelphia Union players, from midfielder/forward rookie Levi Houapeu and defense midfielder Amobi Okugo.

Here's a nice thank-you involving soccer (just a little bit) that Google sent tBG to, slightly edited for relevance:

Thank you Mom for all you do,
You cheer me up when I am blue,
You're kind and gentle and loving too,
You bring me to soccer and things at school,
You teach me of things that are old and new,
You hug me and kiss me and see me through a rose colored view,
Even when I do things I shouldn't do,
You always forgive me; yes it's true.

Yes Mom, I know why you do all that you do,
And I want you to know that - I Love You Too!

Here's to hoping that everyone has a happy and a healthy Mother's Day.