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Rejoice: Sports Now Has An Auto-Play Off Option For Videos

From Jonathan Tannenwald, Sports Editor, on Twitter:

Okay, people, now time to really make some news.

You can now turn off auto-play video ads on sports pages. Yes, that means you @krmcguire @DanLevyThinks and everyone else.

All you have to do is register on our site, then go to your profile page, click the radio button, then click Update. Done.

It is free - again, FREE - as in no monetary cost. At all. A very small amount of your soul, but that's it.

Considering that you have to register anyway to comment and do lots of other things, it's really not that bad at all.

So be happy, okay? They found a way to pay the @phillysport crew without the ads, and that matters. A lot.


This is most certainly great news for any Philadelphia Union fan who likes to keep up with news by reading's Union section. Kerith Gabriel (Daily News), Marc Narducci (Inquirer) and Tannenwald (, Inquirer) all provide varied voices on top of their great reporting.

No more ear assaulting sounds coming from videos that you can't see right away. Sweet.