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POLL: Away Game Viewing Party And Scarves: Gauging Interest

Below is a poll to gauge the interest of our readers in both scarves that we will be selling, and a viewing party for an away game. July 17 and Aug 20 are the possible dates for the viewing party. Both of the games are away games that are at night and do not conflict with a Philadelphia Phillies home game. I thought that going through that process would enable more people to attend, if they please. In addition, both are Saturday night games.

July 17 - at the Vancouver Whitecaps, 10 pm. The Union look to sweep the season series versus the Whitecaps, after winning 1-0 to open PPL Park in 2011.

August 20 - at the Columbus Crew, 7:30 pm. It'll be the first of the two games that the teams play during the 2011 MLS season, with the second leg occurring on September 17.

So far, Shaun Kreider, of Kreider Designs, and I have worked out the front side of the scarf. It's still subject to change, but this should illustrate what we're going for: