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TBG Makes An Appearance On "Talking Bull," A Red Bulls Podcast

In the latest edition of "Scott likes to hear himself talk," I appeared on the New York Red Bulls podcast "Talking Bull." TB is part of the recently created North American Soccer Network's (NASN) podcast line up. The show is hosted by The Vipers Nest's Matt Conroy and co-hosted by SB Nation's own Ben Schneider (of Red Bulls blog Once A Metro and SBN Soccer). It talks about the Red Bulls and the two try to get guests on whenever possible.

Matt asked me if I'd be interested in being the Union guest for this week's edition and I was more than happy to go on. Nothing better than crushing some cans of Red Bull, eh? Surprisingly enough, there are some people involved with the Red Bulls who are level headed and quite knowledgeable about soccer in general.

We ended up talking for about 20 minutes concerning the Union as the Red Bulls come to Philadelphia to play in PPL Park. 

Have a listen by heading to NASN's page for "Talking Bull" by clicking here. It's also available for download on iTunes.