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CONTEST: Get Your Design On A Sons Of Ben Game Day Drum

A finished Sons of Ben drum. (Photo courtesy of Jeremy Sharpe)
A finished Sons of Ben drum. (Photo courtesy of Jeremy Sharpe)

Jeremy Sharpe, of 'Stache Bash and Conduct/YSA fame, brings a new contest to the Brotherly Game for its readers. Sharpe is one of the Sons of Ben's game day drummers in the River End and has a drum that is currently unpainted.

At 14 inches, this marching snare has plenty of room for someone's design to make an impact upon. It's currently ready for primer and paint, once the contest is done.. It will be used in the River End by drummer Bear O'Driscoll once completed.

Here are the rules/regulations:

  • SoB blue (signal blue) and gold should be the main components of the color scheme
  • Needs to be a relatively simple and easy design, enabling it to be put on an overhead projector
  • Since Jeremy would like it painted, done and ready to play by June 11th match, the submission and voting period will be two weeks long. From now until  May 4 will be the submission period and the week following (until May 11) will be the voting period. (Submit your designs below)